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360 Blue

Kim Catallier

My experiences with RMP have been wonderful!! They are responsive when contacting them and very informative when I have questions. When I need their services at any of my properties, they arrive on time and their service employees are professional and do a fantastic job!! RMP is always the first I call for any upholstery, carpet and furniture cleaning, pressure washing and construction projects.

WaterColor Homeowner

We wanted to share with all of you the FANTASTIC job RMP did on cleaning our patio cushions. We thought they were a lost cause and were getting ready to replace them.  RMP is welcome to come to our home anytime and clean our furniture!!

Home Management on 30A


RMP has consistently provided our business with high quality and timely service. Our clients love them. We keep RMP on speed dial!

Exclusive 30A

RMP is a vital partner in vacation home management. Not only is
the staff professional, knowledgeable, and quick to complete a service call, they have been able to solve problems for us that seemed impossible at times. Our housekeeping managers have the confidence to call RMP when there is an emergency cleaning need that must be corrected very quickly, even when there are back to back guests. Our home owners have also noticed a difference in how upholstery has been maintained during and after prime season. Happy home owners and house keeping staff is a winning combo!

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RMP is just a phone call away. Don’t let the stress of turn day get the best of you, we specialize in home and rental care and are very familiar with the tight timelines of turns. Give us one call and that will be all.